Eyal Assulin    Born 1981, Ofakim, Israel.

                Lives and works in Ofakim.

          S o l o  E x h i b i t i o n s :


2019      "Holy black"  The Lab' the art lab TLV' curator Sharon Tuval.

2018      "land- stand" in a collaboration with the artist Orit Ishay, Dana gellery, curarot Ravit Harari.

             "Majesty", Haifa Museum of Art, curator Svetlana Ringold, Haifa.

2017      "24 karat black", the Brown tlv hotel, curator Meirav PriDvash.

2016       "Virus", Beelden Aan Zee Museum of art, Haag, Netherlands, curator,Ronit Eden.

              "Shufuny Ya Nas" (look at me), the Artists residency Herzliya, curator, Ran Kasmy.

2013       “Virus”, The Negev Museum of Art, Be'er Sheva, curator' Dr. Dalia Manor.


           G r o u p  E x h i b i t i o n s :

2020     "Fifty shades of yellow","Al Hatzuk" gallery, Curator Dr.Guy Morag.

             "The winners show",ministry of culture , Ashdod Museum , curator Yuval Biton and Roni Cohen Benyamini.

2019     "First man- Singular" , Ashdod Museum , curator Yuval Biton and Roni Cohen Benyamini.

             "Hshuma" ,MACT Museum Switzerland ,curator Sharon Toval.

             "sexthetica" , unrelated group , Kiriat Hamelacha TLV, curator Liora Kantrovich.

2018      "The Utmost West", Museum of Islamic and Near Eastern cultures, Be’er Sheva, curator, Sharon Laor-Sirak.

          "Money with the capital M", Haifa Museum of Art, curator Svetlana

           Ringold, Haifa.

          "excessive speed", Haifa Museum of Art, curator Svetlana Ringold, Haifa.

          "New collection", Haifa Museum of Art, curator Svetlana Ringold, Haifa.

          "HSHUMA", the Artists House, curator Sharon Toval, Tel Aviv.

          "An artist chooses an artist", curator Michal Shamir, Sapir Collage Art gallery, Sderot.

2017      "Zoon in and Zoom out" Yad Tabenkin Museum, curator Dalia Keinan.

          "Zumu - Museum on the Way", curator Milana Adiram & Ofra Harnam.

          "Avatar", Royal Beach Hotel TLV, curator Sharon TOval.

2016      "Sculpture Allegory of the Present", Artist house, Tel Aviv, curator Irena Gordon.

          "Other Instructions", Sapir College Art gallery, curator Michal Shamir.


2015      "And the winners are..." Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curator Noa Rozenberg.

           The 2nd Sculpture Symposium, Aya Napa, Cyprus.

          "Recurrence", NIMAC - Nicosia Municipal Art Center, curator Drorit Gur Arie.



2014      "Over and Over the Rainbow", the Israeli Center for Digital Art, curator Ran Kasmy Ilan

          "Until You Get Out of My Voice"' Ashdod Art Museum, curators Yuval Bitto n& Roni Cohen Benyamini

          "Graduate Show" Bezalel Tel Aviv MFA program, curatrs Michal Helfman & Gilad Ratman

          "Playing with Fire", artport tlv, curator Roxana fabius

          "Recalculating Route", Petah TikVa Museum of Art, curator Drorit Gur Arie.



2012      “From South” Ofakim Festival for Independent Culture, curator Drorit Gur Arie.


2011      “First Hang” Eyal Assulin and Yosef Joseph Dadoune, Youth Centre, Ofakim

          “Near…Home, Memory, Place…Negev”, Kaye College V, Be'er Sheva, curator Israel Rabinovitz

          “Devolving Form”, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv; curator: Hana Kofler


2010      “A Moment before 2010”, New Ofakim gallery, Ofakim

          “Boys with Toys”, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon, curator Ran Kasmy-Ilan.


2009      “Painting Camp 2009”, Ironi Ramla gallery, Ramla


2008      “Ofakim Camp: Jewish-Arab-German”, New Ofakim gallery, Ofakim; Ironi Ramla gallery, Ramla

          “P.T 1998-2008”, New Ofakim gallery, Ofakim


2003      “Time Capsule”, Art in General, New York, curator Tami Katz-Freiman



           Artivism - art activism

2018       Bezalel Center for Excellence in Art - Director and Lecturer, Ofakim. 

2015-2017  C.P.M Negev- creative place making- pilot project in Ofakim and Sderot.

2010-2015  Ecological monumental sculptures project in Rahat (Bedouin town in the Negev) founder and facilitator of the project.

1997-2010  Manager and curator of the Contemporary Art Station in Ofakim.




           B.F.A, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.


           M.F.A program, The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Tel Aviv.


           G r a n t s:

2010       America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship

2010-2014  Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport – Artist in the Community grant.

2014       "young artist" prize, Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport.

2017      The "Encouragement of Creativity" prize, Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport.


           TLV museum of Art

           Petah Tikva museum of Art

           Haifa museum of art

           The Negev museum of Art

           The Israeli center fo digital Art

           Beelden Aan Zee museum  of Art in The Hague, Netherlands

           The MACT\cact Museum Switzerland.